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What do we do in RagaChitram?

RagaChitram is a project to promote Indian classical music and dance.

RagaChitram TV Show

RagaChitram TV Show is an exclusive television production featuring Indian classical music and dance. Currently produced in New York City (USA), the show airs in Time Warner Cable, Verizin FIOS and RCN Networks in various parts of the city. The show is also made available from time to time in a few other television networks in the USA.

RagaChitram will be soon aired on a national satellite TV channel in the USA. The show will also be telecast in India and other countries through other TV channels.

RagaChitram Newsletter

As a part of RagaChitram project, an e-newsletter will be launched from the Spring of 2011. The newsletter will not only carry news about Indian classical music and dance, but also feature performing artists and productions.

RagaChitra Foundation

RagaChitram is sponsored by RagaChitra Foundation, a non-profit Institution to promote Indian classical music and dance.

Did you know RagaChitram TV show schedules for 2011?

RagaChitram now airs on Tuesdays and Fridays. For complete schedules, check here.

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